Why shoot lead coated bullets

In the past 3 years prices on 9mm bullets have more then doubled. this is has made it very hard for many shooters to maintain there shooting discipline.

We started out by setting up a facility to remedy this for our selves , but quickly recognized the need is far greater then we anticipated.

Creating lead coated bullets allows us to offer them to the public at less then 50% of what a traditional Copper Jacketed bullet would cost. Thinking of the average shooter that comes to the range once a week this translates into a finomenal saving.

We have run surveys between shooters and gun stores a like and the consent is that bullet sales and purchases have dropped substantially. We aim to rectify this ASAP.

Accurate and affordable bullets are possible. Don’t be afraid to embrace change. We offer TRYME options for those who want to see the performance.

Acubullets hard cast lead bullets

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