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We have been very reluctant to open our social media accounts as one FB and other social media groups are not extremely pro shooter pro gun. However we have a numerous request asking us where is our FB page , and yes Peer pressure was just to much for us 🙂

You can find us under acubullet on the facebook , please drop in and like our page I will try and share most of the random questions and answers on there as well as on the post section in our site , we also have a link on the skietbaan facebook page for those following skietbaan

Still waiting for a better url for acubullet

but skietbaan can be found at

Happy reloading

Possible Issues-Flaring

We thought we will use this area to add issues our shooters have found and try and create a single place where you can have a troubleshooting look.


When shooting lead bullets it is extremely in portent to flair your casing , if not you run the risk of scraping off the coating or even worse scraping off lead that will make it impossible to load the ammunition. Some shooters report the need to flair very little while others flair a hell of a lot , this is mostly due to the fact that not all 9mm have the same chamber dimensions , and if you have more then one 9mm you might have notices what seats well in one sometimes does not even seat in the other.

When flaring is done wrong it comes out like this , and it is quite common for new re loaders to experience this

Lead swished on the side of the casing

As you can clearly see this is not ideal and is easily remedied by flaring the first 0.5mm of the casing , personally I use my Dillon’s powder dispenser to accomplish this as my auto bullet seater needs a little flaring to not let the bullet drop out.

Reloading Has Real Risks

Bad day for n cz 🙁
Another view of the barrel bulge

Be Carefull

One of our members sent me these images after a unfortunate test run with new ammo. After ruling out the barrel size and bullets used , we thought that it might have been a half load or even just a primer that punched the bullet into the barrel and then had the second round bulge the barrel but it turned out something far more sinister.

The powder for one or another reason turned out to be at fault on a burn test it would lite like expected burn a bit and then just fizzle then just to start back up again. It seems that moisture got into the powder and had the side effect of not igniting at the same curve as usual , this almost cost the shooter 2 guns . Once again reminding us to be extra careful when reloading.

Please stay safe