Reloading Has Real Risks

Bad day for n cz 🙁
Another view of the barrel bulge

Be Carefull

One of our members sent me these images after a unfortunate test run with new ammo. After ruling out the barrel size and bullets used , we thought that it might have been a half load or even just a primer that punched the bullet into the barrel and then had the second round bulge the barrel but it turned out something far more sinister.

The powder for one or another reason turned out to be at fault on a burn test it would lite like expected burn a bit and then just fizzle then just to start back up again. It seems that moisture got into the powder and had the side effect of not igniting at the same curve as usual , this almost cost the shooter 2 guns . Once again reminding us to be extra careful when reloading.

Please stay safe

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