Bullet Options!

If you are looking for 9mm reload bullets , you are at the right place , we offer a variate of bullets options for sale

We currently only support 124 gr 9mm bullets , our .45 and .357 are in beta testing , we hope to have them production ready in the next 4 months.

We offer our 124gr 9mm bullets for sale in the following options

  • TryMe Pack : 20 bullets Retail R20
  • Im Ready:500 bullets Retail R375
  • Im Serious:100 bullets Retail R700

These bullets are lead based but coated in
Hi-Tek supercoat mix that stops fouling and smoke , there is no lube on the bullets so the nasty smoke associated with lead bullets are removed

For contact info please check out main page

You can also find some interesting reading regarding bullet depth and general reloading of lead based bullets here

We are also open to requests as we will only create a new line once adequate market need is identified , that being said we might be able to squeeze in a small batch somewhere

bullet options for sale
Bullets for sale in gauteng